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Ways Cannabis Can Help With Anxiety and Depression

What’s the Difference Between Depression and Anxiety?

Depression. Anxiety. We hear those words so frequently. Sometimes they are used together and sometimes they aren’t. Both are clinical mental health diagnoses, and both are becoming more recognized and widely diagnosed in the US, especially since the onset of the pandemic. But what exactly are these maladies?

The reality is, that in a society as stressful as ours, in which grinding and achieving high status financially is the accepted norm, our minds and bodies are highly prone to burnout. Every single person who lives within this context is likely to feel sad or down in the dumps from time-to-time or to feel nervousness about a situation or experience. That’s totally within the realm of normal human experience, right? What happens, then, if those experiences become chronic? What if you are unable to just snap out of it?

Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

 Debilitating depression can manifest in a myriad of ways. Some symptoms include:

  • Sad or anxious feelings
  • Feeling fatigued regardless of how much you sleep
  • Not sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Not enjoying hobbies, activities, and relationships that once brought you joy


Anxiety looks different, although the two disorders can go hand-in-hand. People with anxiety tend to:

  • Be easily irritated or angered
  • Experience a rapid heartbeat, sweating, or rapid breathing
  • Have difficulty sleeping and/or concentrating
  • Experience gastrointestinal pain or distress


Traditional Treatment Options

There are treatment options available now and more becoming available every day. Traditional treatment options include:

  • Therapy
  • Medication
  • Diet and exercise
  • Meditation and journaling
  • Creative outlets

For those who prefer a more natural treatment option, cannabis can be quite effective at managing the symptoms of both anxiety and depression.


Natural Treatment Options

Traditional treatment options are, and continue to be, widely accessible, but some of the medications most frequently used have unpleasant side effects, leaving some people seeking more natural treatment options. For them, medical marijuana can be invaluable.

A recent study performed at the Medical University of South Carolina supports the effectiveness of cannabis products, especially those with higher concentrations of CBD, to help treat symptoms of depression. Over a period of time, CBD products can also help alleviate symptoms of anxiety.


Medical Marijuana Products

There are a variety of CBD products available to help manage any symptoms of depression or anxiety that you may be experiencing. In Massachusetts, both conditions qualify a user, if the conditions are debilitating, for receipt of a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card and all the benefits that entails.

Canna Card Express, located in Worcester, MA, can help you obtain a medical marijuana card, which has to be certified by a Massachusetts state-accredited, licensed medical marijuana practitioner. We can also assist you with the selection of appropriate products and dosages that will be most effective in the management of any symptoms that have restricted your daily life.   

We can be reached by phone at 508-817-9300 or email at info@cannacardexpress.com. Make an appointment today to see if our nurse practitioner can help in guiding you as you seek access to medical marijuana.


Disclaimer: The information contained here was not written by a medical doctor and is intended for informational purposes only. This is not a substitute for medical advice.


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Steps to Certification

Step 1
Book an appointment

Book an appointment via our website, phone, or email. You must be a Massachusetts Resident

Step 2
Login to HIPAA

Once the appointment is booked, an email is sent with a link to login to our secure HIPAA compliant patient portal where documents are filled out and reviewed by the Nurse Practitioner prior to your visit.

If you have any difficulty completing these documents please Contact us.

Step 3
Upload Documents
Upload a valid photo ID to the patient portal.
  • Massachusetts Driver’s license
  • Massachusetts ID
  • US military ID
  • US passport
Step 4
Receive Appointment

You will receive appointment reminders before the visit via email, automated voice message, and text.

Step 5
Your visit

Your visit: Telemedicine visits are via a secure HIPAA compliant patient platform. The visit may be done by telephone if preferable. Once connected, the provider will review your medical history and discuss how to incorporate Medical Cannabis into your routine.

Step 6

Your invoice is available for payment online in your patient portal. We will process it after your visit. If certification is denied for any reason, we will issue a refund immediately.

Step 7
Here You Go

When the above steps are complete, you will receive two emails. A welcome email is received from the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program, and another email from us at Canna Card Express. A temporary program ID card is attached to our email, it is ready to use at dispensaries and is valid for 2 weeks. Our email contains step by step instructions on how to complete the registration online with the state. Registration with the state is required to receive the hard copy Medical Marijuana Patient ID Card. Registration requires a valid MA ID, proof of residency, and is valid for one year. In a year, a renewal visit is needed to keep certification active.

If you have any difficulties with the online state registration, please  Contact us.